Space Innovators

Business Premises and Offices

We design business premises and working environments that have sustainable solutions while being modifiable. Our long experience of store design is combined with fresh vision and cutting-edge know-how of the latest trends.

Property Development

Having over 25 years of experience of demanding property and city block development, we aim to raise the value of the property with high-class design and planning. We have collaborated with Finland’s leading property investors and we also act as a local partner for foreign investors.

Renovation Planning

Our planning projects include several value properties in the centre of Helsinki. We have specialized in making changes to the uses of listed buildings and renovation and restoring planning. We also carry out historical research and inventories.

Interior Design

We link interior design with the rest of the design work in the early stages of the project. This guarantees results of the highest quality. We design furnishings ourselves and also collaborate with other interior designers. We ourselves employ four interior designers.